Services & Capabilities

Today’s sales manager is challenged and charged to move and sell product now. Improved logistics and distribution systems translate to immediate product availability. This requires the entire sales channel to perform at maximized levels. Our proprietary incentive programs are designed to motivate these multi-level sales channels with rewards and recognition at each level if identified. This in turn is supported with rich, actionable data and metrics to sustain desired performance over time.

Incentives Management

To achieve the highest levels of success, salesforce incentives and contests require more than just routine maintenance and support. At ST&P, we provide comprehensive start to finish program administration and management for our clients.

  • Contest Strategy & Development
  • Website Builds
  • Database Builds and Sales data transfers
  • Email Marketing Updates & Communication to Participants
  • Legal Services
  • Contest Tracking & Payouts
  • Prepaid Cards / Reloadable Cards
  • Branded Checks
  • Experiential Prizes (Sports Events, Concerts/Award Shows, Spa Excursions)
  • Reporting, Analysis and ROI

Rebate Management

We specialize in doing rebate campaigns the right way-making it easy for your customers to submit a rebate, track its status, and get paid in a variety of ways. To ensure minimized costs for you and maximum speed and efficiency for your customers, all our rebates promotions are designed, produced, and fulfilled in-house-with as much or as little promotions management as needed.

  • Website Builds
  • Legal Services
  • Claim Collection, Verification and Payout
  • Prepaid Cards / Reloadable Cards
  • Branded Checks
  • Sweepstakes and Contests
  • Reporting, Analysis and ROI

Data Analysis

Utilizing the data gathered by your program, we are able to provide valuable insights and actionable data that can be used to make intelligent and informed business decisions. We can also provide visually stimulating online reports and dashboards as well as traditional desktop-friendly spreadsheets that can be downloaded, sorted, shared, and edited.

  • Reporting & Tracking
  • Complete Database builds and ftp site data transfers
  • Capability to receive and process millions of data rows daily
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Online, Filterable Dashboards
  • Download capabilities for field reporting and corporate tracking
  • Quantitative (ROI) and Qualitative (Return on Value) Calculations:
  • Consultation / Recommendations on Success Metrics
  • Ability to provide correlation analyses with both sales and non-sales data
  • Post-incentive ROI calculations and analysis