Sales Incentive Programs

Salesforce incentives inspire your team to do great things. When you reward your team the right way, you'll see measurable improvements to your bottom line, retain your best salespeople longer, and attract the most qualified new recruits. We can help implement fun, easy, and intuitive rewards programs for your team that are flexible and insightful on the backend to offer actionable stats and determine both qualitative and quantitative results. We can help implement fun, easy, and intuitive rewards programs for your team that:

  • Provide measurable ROI and are self-funding
  • Help you retain your best salespeople longer and attract the most qualified new recruits
  • Are flexible and engaging
  • Reflect your brand identity
  • Offer actionable statistics to help you zero in on performance metrics

Verification & Funding


Control your costs while still offering the rewards your people want most. From checks, fixed-value, and prepaid cards, to reloadable cards and cards worth more in your store, ST&P offers rebate payout options that are ideal for every client and program. You can even choose to offer one-time payouts or multiple rewards over time.

Our proprietary sales incentive programs:

  • Incentivize the sales channel at all levels to sell product (specific lines or overall sales) to meet volume budgets and sales targets
  • Are supported with rich, actionable data and metrics to sustain desired performance over time
  • Motivate, recognize and reward all levels of the sales channel within a strategic framework
  • Maximize productivity by clearly communicating targets and focusing on a discernible ROI