Taylor Wisnieski Sales Promotion Specialist

Taylor Wisnieski - Sales Promotion Specialist

Fun Fact: Taylor has been to more than 12 different countries! (Is “WOW” a word that’s universally understood?!)

As one of our leading Sales Promotion Specialists, Taylor coordinates, administers, and manages sales promotions from start to finish. Her detail-oriented, organized nature allows her to easily and efficiently adhere to client specifications, and her thorough understanding of marketing provides for proficiency in product advertisement that aids in maximizing our clients’ overall profits. In addition to being responsible for creative layout and promotional material inspection and review, she’s also responsible for client reporting and promotions data analysis.

Taylor obtained a BS in Communications and Minor in Marketing from Ohio University.


  • Sales promotion management
  • Account management
  • Strategic planning
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Reporting

Agency Clients

Phillips 66 Lubricants
Bendix Spicer Foundation
Michelin Truck Tires
Kendall Motor Oil

Past Account Experience