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Mack Trucks
Bulldog Club Collateral

Mack Bulldog Club Collateral

When Mack Trucks began rewarding their top dealer principles with a luxury cruise, they were hoping to expand market share by giving sales performance a much needed shot in the arm. But, because only the dealer principles were being rewarded, the program did nothing to motivate the sales people who were actually pushing trucks out the door.

After careful planning and a little help from Mack’s famous logo, ST&P unleashed an entirely new breed of sales incentive program: The Bulldog Club. The Bulldog Club is a tiered incentive program that encourages and rewards both training and sales performance.

By completing specially targeted training exercises and selling certain products, Bulldog Club members can earn cash prizes and points to put toward annual reward trips. And, thanks to our first-ever dealer database that intuitively integrates with Visa, custom Bulldog Club cards can be easily loaded with the appropriate cash prizes.

The Bulldog Club has been running strong for over a decade now and continually leads to consistent market share growth. Now, everyone wants in on the action. The Bulldog Club Partner Program was implemented to provide outside parties such as Goodyear, Michelin, Bendix and others with the opportunity to tap into Mack’s sales muscle.

Services Provided

Customer Service

When participants require assistance with any aspect of your program, our dedicated customer service department is always on call to help.

Creative Services

Our dedicated creative team will give your content the creative punch it needs to keep your audience engaged. We can match the visual style of your existing branding or create something totally unique.

Email Marketing & Communication

Ongoing communication with your audience is integral to your success. That's why our solutions always include email marketing plans to help keep your audience informed and engaged.


According to some studies, merchandise rewards can boost employee performance by as much as 50% when compared to monetary rewards. Our reward sourcing department is skilled at selecting the best, most desirable items for your employees.

Reloadable Cards

Branded, reloadable cards are a great way to get cash to the people that earn it. Every time they take it out of their wallet, they are reminded of of your brand. They have access to their balance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and dedicated customer service can answer all their questions in a heartbeat.

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