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Firestone Complete Auto Care
Monthly Service Rebates

Firestone Rebates

Streamlining the rebate process

BSRO offers consumers rebates each month on service line items from air filters to wiper blades. ST&P developed a close looped system that allows the rebate entry to be captured AND verified online. We offer consumers rebate payment options via check in the mail or via Paypal deposit. Total integration into our TrackMyPromo Web App provides a variety of options for customers to track the status of their rebate online.

Services provided:

  • Options to receive payment via check or Paypal deposit
  • Site Design & Development
  • Terms & Legal Compliance
  • Back-end Fulfillmnt
  • Reporting

Services Provided

Mobile web development

Did you know that 73% of your potential customers have a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device? Our creative team will make sure your online content looks as good on the device in your customers' hands as it does on their desktops.

Customer Service

When participants require assistance with any aspect of your program, our dedicated customer service department is always on call to help.


Sale and purchase verification ensures that only people who qualify under the exact terms of your program receive rewards. This protects you from people who might try to abuse the system, saving you money in the process.

Track My Promo

Track My PromoOur proprietary rebate tracking tool helps your customers stay informed about the status of their rebates. It’s all about enhancing the customer experience with your brand.

P.O. Boxes

Should your program require the use of P.O. boxes, we will set them up and manage them for you.

Legal Services

Sales promotions must adhere to countless laws and regulations. Complicating things further, different states (and different countries) usually have different rules. We do the legal legwork for you, limiting your liability and helping you avoid problems down the road.

Email Marketing & Communication

Ongoing communication with your audience is integral to your success. That's why our solutions always include email marketing plans to help keep your audience informed and engaged.

Creative Services

Our dedicated creative team will give your content the creative punch it needs to keep your audience engaged. We can match the visual style of your existing branding or create something totally unique.

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