Strategic Planning Makes Perfect - The ST&P Approach

Strategic Planning Makes Perfect - The ST&P Approach

By: Maria D. : June 2020 :

An extremely important, not-be-overlooked tool, strategic planning serves as a roadmap to setting attainable goals, making informed choices, evaluating progress, and guiding decisions along the way. The first step to establishing a successful marketing plan, strategic planning serves to help clients exceed deliverable expectations.

At ST&P, we undertstand just how integral solid, strategic planning is to creating a successful marketing campaign, and utilize a tried-and-true method that employs a simple, straight-forward process aimed at making campaigns come to life and flourish.

Step 1: Discovery

ST&P’s discovery phase is extensive and important to gaining insight and background on the project ask, goals, and deliverables—as well as to gaining a better understanding of the project (and our client) in general. It is within this phase that we create timelines, identify available resources and audiences, profile these audiences, and call out any potential issue(s) that could cause hiccups along the way. 

Step 2: Exploration/Design

Encompassing the proper mediums and executional tactics is a sure-fire way to help ensure projects run smoothly, efficiently, and successfully. Which is why our next step in the strategic process is to take what we learned, blueprint a strategic approach, establish a tentative direction, and flesh out concept ideas. These typically include, but are not limited to design elements, examples of tone/voice, and social media.

Step 3: Testing

Now, it’s time to analyze the findings and test out some ideas via intimate focus groups. Using the results of the research obtained in steps one and two, our creative team goes to work, doing what they do best—strategizing, brainstorming, and creating industry-leading tactics and programs that resonate with target audiences.

Step 4: Revisions

The final step before execution is revision. Our team takes focus group feedback and any/all conclusions collected throughout the entire strategic process and tweaks/modifies concepts accordingly. Once edits are complete, we present the final product to our client for last looks, and with their blessing, move on to execution. 

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