Success is Easy…When you Partner With the Experts at Being Experts

Success is Easy…When you Partner With the Experts at Being Experts

By: Maria D. : May 2019 :

Picture it: ST&P HQ, December, 2018. I picked up and personalized stockings for the work fam (personalized with a Sharpie—fancy, I know). I was asked why I used a capital “b” on Noble’s stocking (reason being, my lowercase letters are just mini versions of my uppercase letters). This led to a story about me failing a 6th grade English test because the teacher thought I was using uppercase letters instead of lowercase.

As so often happens, an innocent story turned into a discussion springboard—with the scenario being equated to getting your hand slapped for using ampersands instead of writing
out the actual word “and.” This then led to conversation about our collective wealth of knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and design rules, which then snowballed into the proper way(s) we apply strategic marketing to any and every project/campaign we touch.

A simple backstory morphed into a round-robin discussion/meeting of the minds on industry knowledge, insights, information, and “did ya knows,” which served to reaffirm something pretty cool about our teams…we are all experts in our respective fields.

  • Our Sales Promotions Specialists know the ins and outs of consumer rebates, contests, sweepstakes, and salesforce incentives—and craft unique, customized solutions to meet your needs
  • Our Creative Department doesn’t just think out of the box, it thinks out of this world—delivering innovative, show-stopping concepts that get you noticed and known
  • Our Brand Team understands the intricacies of marketing and knows how to clearly and effectively tell your story, establish credibility, and promote your company’s core values
  • Our Account Service Leads partner with you to understand your specific needs, wants, and goals, and develop strong, long-lasting relationships that stand the test of time

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