Don’t Worry. Be Happy!

Don’t Worry. Be Happy!

By: Maria D. : October 2020 :


The power of positivity isn’t just some hippy-dippy, lip-speak, motivational ideal. The power of positive thinking (i.e., having positive thoughts, actions, and attitude) actually has a HUGE impact in our everyday lives and by helping create value, improve work, boost health, and build up skills and mental acuity. And, being optimistic doesn’t just have a profound effect on our personal lives, it also has a profound effect on our professional lives, too. 

Happy Work Environment

Have you ever noticed how when you’re in a meeting and a Debbie Downer comes in, even if you’re in a good mood, you might start to feel a bit testy? On the flipside, when someone waltzes in with energy, charisma, and an infectious laugh, even if you’re mega stressed/focused, you start to feel a bit lighter? Whether or not we realize it, humans tend to mimic each other when in close settings—which is why sporting a positive attitude can have a profound (and pleasant) effect not just on your mood, but on your colleagues’ moods as well.

Productivity Enhancer

A positive attitude has been shown to aid in increasing proactivity over reactivity. By saying NO to negative thoughts (and ultimately, a negative attitude), you bring a strong, solid mental game to the table and are better able to problem solve and head potential issues or setbacks off at the pass. Research has shown that when people are happy/positive, they’re more engaged, more inspired, more receptive to direction and constructive criticism (from both management and peers alike). Plus, positivity aids in information retention and comprehension.

Throw Open the Door to Creativity

Having a negative attitude is like having a raincloud directly overhead. It narrows your mind, makes you feel down in the dumps, lethargic, and just overall blah. Needless to say, when you’re ho-humming, your productivity and efficiency levels tend to tank. With a positive attitude, however, you tend to think faster, act smarter, and use your work time more effectively. You’re more open to fresh, new, innovative ideas and less likely to poo-poo ones that require “too much effort” because they force you to think differently or outside the box.

So, what can you do to help ensure those blue skies keep smiling at you? Start each day on a positive note. Set your intentions. Check any self-criticism at the door. Leave the past in the past. And, remember…who and what you surround yourself with has a direct effect on who or what you become. The more optimistic and positive you are, the more open to success and happiness you will be.

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