Content Marketing: Three Tips for Better Content

Content Marketing: Three Tips for Better Content

By: STP : January 2016 :

The advantage of added value.

The effectiveness of traditional marketing is diminishing by the minute, forcing marketers to seek new opportunities to reach potential customers. Content marketing may provide a
viable solution.

Content marketing is defined as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Notice that content marketing is very similar to traditional marketing but with a twist. Rather than selling you something, content marketing provides the consumer with relevant valuable information which promotes thought leadership and helps guide a customer through their purchase decision.

1. Be an active listener.

Listen to what your target audience is trying to tell you. Often times, the difference between a well-received content marketing campaign and a total failure lies in audience
engagement. You can spend all the money in the world placing your content, but if your message is flawed, so is your campaign.

Identify the current trends or “pain points” in your industry and look for an opportunity to be helpful and supportive. As a consumer, what type of messages grab your attention most often? If you wouldn’t click on the content you’ve created, why should anyone else?

2. Don’t sell features. Sell experiences (that your product enhances.)

Stop focusing on the features of your product. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most consumers are not interested in industry jargon. Instead, the average consumer wants
information that can help solve their problems. They want to know more about the potential advantages and benefits that they should expect to receive from the solutions that you are offering. Communicate this added value to your audience by consistently creating and sharing relevant content that is entertaining, informational and inspirational.

3. Show and tell.

Video advertising is the new MVP of digital marketing. More specifically, mobile video is quickly becoming the preferred way for consumers to explore products and service offers
before making a purchase decision. Marketers have to react to this trend by building trust and credibility with video content that includes captivating stories, thrilling product demos, customer testimonials and how-to-videos.

To be effective, you have to grab the attention of your target audience with content that offers unique insight or entertainment value. Once you have their attention, make sure to
include a call to action that allows the consumer to explore more content and stay engaged.

Always be relevant, add value, and be real.

In summary, changes in consumer behavior have led to the rise of content marketing. In order to truly engage consumers, marketers are moving towards an approach that is less about
selling a product and more about providing content that strengthens trust and creates awareness. Remember all successful content marketing materials share the same key ingredients - relevance, value and honesty. A great content team can help you build and execute a solid content marketing strategy. But, if you don’t have the resources for in-house content marketing, consider partnering with a creative marketing agency instead. Just make sure to follow our 5 tips for better results from your marketing agency.

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