Brand Mascots: Gone But Not Forgotten

Brand Mascots: Gone But Not Forgotten

By: Maria D. : August 2019 :

As discussed in our last blog post, mascots have been used for over 100 years to help increase brand awareness and strengthen brand identity. Unfortunately, with the influx in digital technologies, offerings, and medias, the traditional brand mascot looks to be going to the wayside. And, with it, goes an entire culture of nostalgic reminiscence. However, there are a couple basic workarounds to help stave off complete extinction.

Create social media channels for mascots

It’s a simple solution that carries a lot of weight. It’s also something that could either really help your brand or really hurt it if not done right. That’s why it’s important to ensure your brand (mascot) voice and persona is established and you’ve locked down exactly how the mascot would interact with consumers. You then want to make sure that every response is thoughtfully crafted—taking your brand’s values, culture, and beliefs into consideration—and seamlessly delivered.

Transform/edit looks

A complete mascot overhaul can be disastrous because too much of a change may create a disconnect for consumers where they no longer have a recognized face to associate with your brand. Just a nip, tuck, or update to maintain relevance will do the trick—like how the Kool-Aid Man’s look evolved over time. He went from being a pitcher with a smile, to being a pitcher “person”, from having no clothes to wearing cool clothes, yet through every update and revision, his baseline look (red pitcher with smiley face) remained—ultimately strengthening brand recognition.

While the fate of traditional brand mascots may be uncertain, it’s important we not lose sight of those who came (and went) before us. As avengers of the advertising world, we feel it’s our sworn duty not to let the memories of those mascots who have gone before us fade—to think back, and fondly remember some of the great brand mascots of yore. Read on to see our list and be sure to comment with your favorite retired brand mascot(s) and any memories attributed to them! #GoneButNotForgotten.

Brand Character Jeeves
Bartles & Jaymes Frank Bartles & Ed Jaymes
Bud Lite Spuds MacKenzie
Burger King BK Kids Club
Camel Brand Cigarettes Joe Camel
Charmin Mr. Whipple
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Wendell the Chef
Cookie Crisp Cookie Cop/Crook; Chip the Dog
Dominos The Noid
Dos Equis The Most Interesting Man in the World
Dunkin Donuts Fred the Baker
Grey Poupon “But, of Course” Guy
7-Up Cool Spot
Snapple Wendy the Snapple Lady
Toys-R-Us Geoffrey Giraffe (and Family)
Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef” Lady – Clara Walker

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