Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans

By: STP : November 2016 :

So, how is your week going? Successful pitch meeting? Finally put the finishing touches on a major project?

If it’s a yes on these, high five. Move along.

But, what’s your plan for that next week that becomes a disaster out of nowhere? Nobody is immune. Best laid plans are just two missteps away from crisis. What is it that keeps a team together when everything else is falling apart? More to the point, how does a brand stay committed when facing a challenge?

If there are two things that have never hurt in good times or bad, it is clarity of purpose and consistency of action.

This is a conversation about meaning. The “how” and “what” of your brand is easy. United Airlines provides transportation. Coca-Cola offers refreshments. Your brother-in-law
spoils the Walking Dead (every time).

The “why” of your brand speaks to something deeper. Defining why your organization is what it is, does what it does, and serves who it serves takes more than a catchy mission
statement or company retreat. It is a daily commitment to a common purpose for every member of your organization. A commitment that sets the course for how a company and its people conduct themselves—regardless of how tempting veering off might be.

At ST&P, this is always the starting point of how we serve our customers. Great campaigns can only meet their full potential when they are built upon a solid foundation of
purpose. With a clear vision, informed by specific goals, and driven by authentic principals, your brand has a roadmap to rely on whenever challenges arise.

And challenges certainly will arise. Defining your brand’s purpose absolutely is not easy, and it is never complete. Changing times should naturally change perspectives. A brand’s
place within an industry is meant to evolve. Stagnation is simply not sustainable in today’s rapid environment.

If you find you find yourself with positive momentum, be grateful and definitely be proud, but don’t waste it. Use it to revisit core principals. Use it to re-evaluate the course
you’ve set. Stay vigilant and continue to protect the purpose that drives your work.

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