Strategic Planning Makes Perfect - The ST&P Approach

By: Maria D. : June 2020 :

An extremely important, not-be-overlooked tool, strategic planning serves as a roadmap to setting attainable goals, making informed choices, evaluating progress, and guiding decisions along the way. The first step to establishing a successful marketing plan, strategic planning serves to help clients exceed deliverable expectations.

Stop the ProcrastINSANITY!

By: Maria D. : May 2020 :

Everyone battles procrastination in their own way. There’s no one-specific reason people put off doing work and there’s no one-specific solution to combat ProcrastINSANITY. But hopefully if you’re struggling, one/some/all of these tips can help you get back on track to completing a job well DONE.

Tag(lines)! Show You’re IT!

By: Maria D. : April 2020 :

It’s quick. It’s catchy. It’s what helps get you remembered. A tagline encompasses a company’s values, beliefs, and differentiators. It’s also a big part of a company’s brand identity. Often locked with or appearing near a company’s logo, taglines are verbal representations of your business aimed at quickly describing your company or brand. In the end, a tagline is designed to help people associate your business with what it brings to the table to meet their needs.

Ecommerce: A Shift from Convenience to Necessity

By: Maria D. : March 2020 :

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, if you needed to run an errand at a store, you wouldn’t think twice about going out. That’s no longer the case. eCommerce has become the outlet/go-to for everything—from household items, to medications, to groceries, entertainment, and meal delivery. Where it once was a convenience, now, it’s a necessity—promoting a safer, smarter way to shop (all from the comforts and sanctuary of home).

A Motivated Workforce is a Harder-Working Workforce

By: Maria D. : February 2020 :

Reach as high as you can. Ok, now for $20, can you reach a little higher?

See what happened there? I can almost guarantee you were able to reach up a little higher the second time…even though I asked you to go as high as you could the first time. Why? Because you were incentivized. You were enticed to try a little harder, dig a little deeper, and do a little more on the grounds that you’d receive a reward. And. You. Did. And, that’s just what you can expect to happen with your employees when you offer an employee incentive program.