Opinion Piece - A Blog About Blogging

By: Maria D. : October 2019 :

Blogging. It seems like such a simple task. Pick a topic you feel passionate about and write. #BOOM. Done. Well, that’s all fine and dandy when it comes to personal blogs, but when it comes to writing agency/industry blogs, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Getting to Know You: Converting Prospects to Customers

By: Maria D. : September 2019 :

Getting the right people to engage with your brand and converting prospects to customers doesn’t take rocket science, but it does take focus, a sound strategy, and marketing content in such a way that hits your audience’s sweet spot(s). And, the first step in the process is to clearly define your target audience.

Brand Mascots: Gone But Not Forgotten

By: Maria D. : August 2019 :

With the influx in digital technologies, offerings, and medias, the traditional brand mascot looks to be going to the wayside. And, with it, goes an entire culture of nostalgic reminiscence. However, there are a couple basic workarounds to help stave off complete extinction.

Brand Mascots: Alive and Kickin’

By: Maria D. : July 2019 :

For over 100 years, mascots have been used to help increase brand awareness and strengthen brand identity. By adding a creative visual and/or auditory element, customers can better connect with a brand on both personal and emotional levels—making your product(s) more likable and desirable.

6 Reasons You Can’t Beat a Good Rebate

Some people think rebates are a “thing of the past,” an “old-school promotions technique,” an “antiquated” way to try and drum up business. But the truth is, rebates are extremely relevant, yet many times, extremely overlooked solutions that can easily aid in increasing profits, brand awareness, and repeat customers.