6 Reasons You Can’t Beat a Good Rebate

6 Reasons You Can’t Beat a Good Rebate

Some people think rebates are a “thing of the past,” an “old-school promotions technique,” an “antiquated” way to try and drum up business. But the truth is, rebates are extremely relevant, yet many times, extremely overlooked solutions that can easily aid in increasing profits, brand awareness, and repeat customers.

At ST&P, we’re experts in the world of rebates and have funded over $21M in rebate dollars to date! We specialize in doing rebate campaigns the right way—making it easy for your customers to submit a rebate, track its status, and get paid in a variety of ways. To ensure minimized costs for you and maximum speed and efficiency for your customers, all our rebates promotions are designed, produced, and fulfilled in-house-with as much or as little promotions management as needed.

Interest piqued? Feel free to reach out to one of our Sales Promotions Specialists to learn more. In the meantime, read on to discover our top 6 Reasons You Can’t Beat a Good Rebate:

  1. Boosts your sales—Product or brands that offer rebates or additional incentives have a better chance of being purchased especially by consumers who are on the fence about trying a product
  2. Helps attract new followers—Studies show that rebate programs appeal to budget-conscious shoppers who may make their buying decision based on end “pricing”
  3. Keeps them coming back for more—The opportunity to save/be rewarded for purchase aids in repeat business and improved customer retention
  4. Free “word of mouth” promotion—the better the offer, the more likely consumers will be to spread the word
  5. Helps you stand out from the competition—Help customers make the easy choice between you and those “other” guys who might not offer a rebate/incentive like yours
  6. Learn more about your customers—Rebate forms help collect customer demographics information (state, city, ZIP code) and can help specify customer interests and needs

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