Ecommerce: A Shift from Convenience to Necessity

By: Maria D. : March 2020 :

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, if you needed to run an errand at a store, you wouldn’t think twice about going out. That’s no longer the case. eCommerce has become the outlet/go-to for everything—from household items, to medications, to groceries, entertainment, and meal delivery. Where it once was a convenience, now, it’s a necessity—promoting a safer, smarter way to shop (all from the comforts and sanctuary of home).

A Motivated Workforce is a Harder-Working Workforce

By: Maria D. : February 2020 :

Reach as high as you can. Ok, now for $20, can you reach a little higher?

See what happened there? I can almost guarantee you were able to reach up a little higher the second time…even though I asked you to go as high as you could the first time. Why? Because you were incentivized. You were enticed to try a little harder, dig a little deeper, and do a little more on the grounds that you’d receive a reward. And. You. Did. And, that’s just what you can expect to happen with your employees when you offer an employee incentive program.

A Message From The President

By: Jeff Lange : January 2020 :

A round of applause and heart-felt congratulations to our very own, Michael “Korm” Kormushoff for being named a recipient of an “Achievement in Excellence” award by the National Sales & Marketing Executives (NSME) association.

5 Advertising Myths: Debunked

By: Maria D. : November 2019 :

Advertising is critical to helping businesses and organizations effectively communicate with and sell to their audiences. But as with any journey, the road to success comes with obstacles, potholes, detours, and closures (in this case, advertising misconceptions) that can derail efforts and gridlock your progress. Fear not, ST&P is here to help clear the way and keep you on track by clarifying and debunking a handful of advertising myths we’ve stumbled across.

Opinion Piece - A Blog About Blogging

By: Maria D. : October 2019 :

Blogging. It seems like such a simple task. Pick a topic you feel passionate about and write. #BOOM. Done. Well, that’s all fine and dandy when it comes to personal blogs, but when it comes to writing agency/industry blogs, it’s a little more complicated than that.