10 Steps to Keep a Positive Attitude in Business (And, in Life)

By: Maria D. : November 2020 :

A positive attitude is the foundation for living your best life and being the best you there is. People who keep positive attitudes have an easier time tackling roadblocks, moving past setbacks, and overcoming even the most difficult situations—not to mention achieving their goals, reaching their highest potential, and leading a happier life overall.

Don’t Worry. Be Happy!

By: Maria D. : October 2020 :

The power of positivity isn’t just some hippy-dippy, lip-speak, motivational ideal. The power of positive thinking (i.e., having positive thoughts, actions, and attitude) actually has a HUGE impact in our everyday lives and by helping create value, improve work, boost health, and build up skills and mental acuity. And, being optimistic doesn’t just have a profound effect on our personal lives, it also has a profound effect on our professional lives, too.

The 4 Ps of Marketing

By: Maria D. : September 2020 :

Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, the 4Ps of Marketing are key essential factors in the marketing of goods and/or services. ST&P can help with them all.

Three Simple Steps to Master the Art of Listening

By: Maria D. : August 2020 :

Most people think that being a good listener comes down to not talking while someone is speaking, being able to repeat what was said, and/or using verbal affirmation and facial expressions (many times overexaggerated) to show you’re paying attention. On the outside, yes, these make you come across as a good listener. But quite regularly, our physical persona is very much like a duck on the pond—everything may look cool, calm, and chill on the surface, but beneath the water, its feet (our minds) are going a mile a minute.

Connecting in the Age of Covid

By: Maria D. : July 2020 :

Adhering to social-distancing requirements has proven to be uncharted territory, not just in our personal/social lives, but in our professional lives as well. While many businesses are trying to establish a new norm, things are a far cry from “business as usual”—especially when it comes to staying connected to your target audience. However, businesses that have remained successful during these uncertain times have attributed their success to remaining flexible and getting creative with approaches at making things work.