Connecting in the Age of Covid

By: Maria D. : July 2020 :

Adhering to social-distancing requirements has proven to be uncharted territory, not just in our personal/social lives, but in our professional lives as well. While many businesses are trying to establish a new norm, things are a far cry from “business as usual”—especially when it comes to staying connected to your target audience. However, businesses that have remained successful during these uncertain times have attributed their success to remaining flexible and getting creative with approaches at making things work.

Strategic Planning Makes Perfect - The ST&P Approach

By: Maria D. : June 2020 :

An extremely important, not-be-overlooked tool, strategic planning serves as a roadmap to setting attainable goals, making informed choices, evaluating progress, and guiding decisions along the way. The first step to establishing a successful marketing plan, strategic planning serves to help clients exceed deliverable expectations.

Stop the ProcrastINSANITY!

By: Maria D. : May 2020 :

Everyone battles procrastination in their own way. There’s no one-specific reason people put off doing work and there’s no one-specific solution to combat ProcrastINSANITY. But hopefully if you’re struggling, one/some/all of these tips can help you get back on track to completing a job well DONE.

Tag(lines)! Show You’re IT!

By: Maria D. : April 2020 :

It’s quick. It’s catchy. It’s what helps get you remembered. A tagline encompasses a company’s values, beliefs, and differentiators. It’s also a big part of a company’s brand identity. Often locked with or appearing near a company’s logo, taglines are verbal representations of your business aimed at quickly describing your company or brand. In the end, a tagline is designed to help people associate your business with what it brings to the table to meet their needs.

Ecommerce: A Shift from Convenience to Necessity

By: Maria D. : March 2020 :

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, if you needed to run an errand at a store, you wouldn’t think twice about going out. That’s no longer the case. eCommerce has become the outlet/go-to for everything—from household items, to medications, to groceries, entertainment, and meal delivery. Where it once was a convenience, now, it’s a necessity—promoting a safer, smarter way to shop (all from the comforts and sanctuary of home).