Sit back and watch those
repeat sales roll in!

Get the rebate that brings more customers back to your store. Think of a rebate that’s worth $15 when spent at your competitors’ OR is worth DOUBLE when spent at your store. Talk about enticing!

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The More-In-Store Rebate Card—backed by Mastercard and available from ST&P Marketing—is a rebate offering that provides a unique “win-win” opportunity for your customers and yourself. This revolutionary new rebate encourages repeat business by offering a higher rebate value when it’s spent at your (or your retail distributors’) store.

Here’s An Example of How it Works:

YOUR STORE $30 Rebate Promotion

Step 1: Customer stops in YOUR STORE and makes a purchase

Step 2: Customer applies for rebate and receives the More-In-Store Rebate Card by mail

Step 3: Customer returns to YOUR STORE to take advantage of the $30 rebate OR spends it elsewhere at a $15 value

Don’t have your own store?

Use the More-In-Store Rebate Card to enhance your relationship with your best retail distributors by offering to drive customers back to THEIR store when they buy YOUR product.


Co-brand the card for yourself or your retail distributor

Use it to drive customers back to your store

Provide it to your best retail distributors as a value-added program

Use it as a purchase incentive and offer it to your distribution partners when they purchase and stock a percentage increase of your product

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