TPR Club Teammate Sales Incentive

When you operate a nationwide chain of auto care stores including Firestone Complete Auto Care, Expert Tire and several others, your employee incentive program needs to be flexible and efficient. ST&P developed a new web-based incentive platform that gave Bridgestone the ability to offer unique spiffs by brand, location, time of year or virtually any other criteria necessary. Our solution also provided access to valuable performance data–from the region at large all the way down to individual employees–and made it easy to see exactly which locations were performing and why.

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Desktop & Mobile
site design & management


Managment level
reporting and insights

Utilizing the data gathered by their program, we are able to provide valuable insights and actionable data that can be used to make intelligent and informed business decisions. We also provide visually stimulating online reports and dashboards as well as traditional desktop-friendly spreadsheets that can be downloaded, sorted, shared and edited. Downloadable spreadsheets



Our data and insight allows BSRO to provide its vendors with actionable information they can use at the store level when assessing program performance and determining product mixes.


Program Management


To achieve the highest levels of success, salesforce incentives, rebates, promotions, sweepstakes, and contests require routine maintenance and support. At ST&P, we're available to be as hands-on (or hands-off) with program administration and management as needed.

  • Customer Service
  • Email Marketing & Communication
  • Reporting
  • Legal Services
  • Production Services
  • Verification
  • PO Boxes
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Reloadable Cards
  • Prize Distribution

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