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As a full service marketing agency, we specialize in developing unique solutions that are tailored to meet your specific marketing objectives. With over 25 years of proven experience, we are fully committed to assisting our clients in overcoming challenges and achieving goals.

Salesforce Incentives

Salesforce incentives inspire your people to do great things. When you reward your team the right way, you'll see measurable improvements to your bottom line, retain your best salespeople longer and attract the most qualified new recruits. On the surface, the most effective reward programs are fun, easy and intuitive. On the back end, they're flexible and insightful, offering actionable statistics to help you zero in on the performance sweet spot. If you're not sure where to begin, or you'd like us to spot-check your existing incentive program, let's continue the conversation.

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Consumers have good reason to be skeptical of rebate offers. All too often, what looks like a great deal on the surface fails to live up to expectations. This not only damages your future sales, it damages your brand by destroying consumer trust in your company. We specialize in doing rebate campaigns the right way. We make it easy for your customers to submit a rebate, easy to track the status of a rebate and easy to get paid in a variety of convenient ways. And because everything is designed, produced and fulfilled in-house, we keep your costs to a minimum. Ready to get started?

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Sweepstakes & Contests

Nothing generates buzz and attracts new customers like a high-profile prize promotion. And no one does that like ST&P. That’s because we optimize all of our sweepstakes and contests to get the most bang for your buck. That means more traffic to your store or website, more contacts for your email list, free word-of-mouth marketing and a stronger relationship with your customers. Ready to begin? It all starts here.

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Advertising & Media

What can the ST&P approach to brand advertising do for you? If you're KUMHO Tires, a disciplined brand advertising campaign can take your sales from $90 million to $450 million in six years. If you're Kent State University, an ongoing ST&P brand advertising campaign can increase your enrollment by 6% and unify a diverse population of academics, students and administrators. Add us to your mix.

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Fulfillment Administration

Sales promotions and salesforce incentive programs are living entities. Keeping them healthy is an ongoing process that requires regular maintenance and attention to detail. That’s why all of our incentive platforms include as much or as little program administration as necessary to support your needs. Best of all, everything happens in-house for maximum speed and efficiency. Let us give you a hand.

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Merchandising Design

So you've got a killer offer for your customers or you want to demonstrate a cool new product or feature. Now what? Merchandising solutions from ST&P can help you show off your next big idea. Let's get started.

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